"At Luwa, we care most about providing the

highest level of service and products to our clients of the past, present and future."

Luwa is a family owned company headquartered in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Luwa Luxury Products is the premier distributor of luxury home appliances and outdoor living products.

Through our retail partners, our goal is to give you access to some of the world’s finest products. We can make your visions come to life with the brands that deliver the best performance for your lifestyle with the highest level of service for your needs.

Visit the Luwa Studio in Bellevue, Washington to test drive the finest products

on the market and receive expert knowledge and guidance for your dream

indoor and outdoor kitchen.  

In addition to our world class products, Luwa offers detailing and cleaning services for your indoor and outdoor products as well as cooking demonstrations, corporate events and trainings.


Chris Walsh 
President of Luwa Luxury Products


Luwa began as a small company seeking to offer the finest home appliance brands in the world to discerning clients and professionals from the design, architecture and building trades. 


Through decades of dedication to serving our retail partners and their clients in each market we do business, Luwa has developed a reputation for building home appliance and outdoor brands from around the world.


Company Owners & Directors

Chris Walsh
Sheri Walsh
VP Operations
Jesse Christian
Director of Service

Sales Team -  Regional & Territory Managers

Tyler Walsh
Regional Manager
Heather Nucifora
Territory Manager
Lisa Zappi
Territory Manager
Territory Manager
Matt Jennings

Inside Sales Team - Service, Office, Accounting, Orders

Erika Brink
Accounting Manager
Aryssa Bean
Purchasing Support
Samantha Hendershot
Dealer Services

Warehouse Team

Josiah Cormier
Warehouse Manager
Bruce Walsh
Project Manager
Wesley Brewton
Project Manager

Service Team

Jesse Christian
Director of Service
John Becker
Service Technician
Rich Watkins
Service Technician

Studio & Marketing

Christa Weddle
Studio | Marketing Manager