Caliber is known for its appealing design features and unique classic aesthetic and the new line of Pro Ranges offers rich wood handles, designer colors, and personalized trim upgrades in solid brass, copper, bronze, and polished stainless steel and customizable "cooking suite" options. Caliber meticulously designs their products not just for power and efficiency, but for beauty and versatility to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding culinary enthusiasts. To view Caliber outdoor, click here.

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Caliber Professional Indoor Range and Cooktop Series 

The estate-scaled line of 36"and 48" all gas ranges and cooktops have been designed in collaboration with the country's top architects and designers. The Caliber Pro Range series is completely customizable in color and trim finishes making Caliber the first American manufacturer with the capability of producing entire custom cooking suites for home culinary enthusiasts. 


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