A new line born from the flames of America's 

greatest kitchens.

The Hestan team spent years working alongside America’s most celebrated chefs, reinventing their kitchens with award-winning innovation. Now we’ve reimagined yours. More power. More control. More inspiration. Hestan was built to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs. And we count you foremost among them.

Hestan Indoor Products

Ranges & Rangetops

36" Range with CircuFlame Burner


48" Rangetop with Griddle

The 36” range offers the most powerful gas burner available to the home. But more importantly, it provides the most delicate control (not to mention the backlit control knobs). The high-performance oven features eleven cooking modes to perfectly complement your cooking style. And the MarquiseDisplay™ gives you a chef-friendly digital display – conveniently inset right in the oven handle.

Simmer Flame

Hestan’s precision sealed burner system maintains continuous gentle heat as low as 500 BTUs without flickering – perfect for delicate sauces.

Marquise Display™

Digital display elegantly embedded in the oven door handle delivers exceptional convenience and chef-friendly control in an industry-first innovation.

Circuflame™ Power Burner 

The most powerful burner available to the home delivers up to 30,000 BTUs – so you can go from 0º to crab boil in no time. Available on 5-burner range model.


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