Luwa Outdoor Cabinet System

Your Outdoor Cabinet Solution

The Luwa Outdoor Cabinet Systems are composed of reinforced fiber-glass concrete blocks that can be bolted to any flat surface. 

Once you've chosen your appliances and have your space dimensions, our team can help you create your outdoor kitchen with these weather-proof non-combustible cabinets. Contact us today to set up an on-site inspection.  


5 Easy Steps to Building your Outdoor Kitchen

Step One:

Pre-Planning and Designing

Step Two:

Install LOC Outdoor Cabinets

Step Three:

Cut Appliance Openings

Step Four:

Install Appliance & Countertops

Step Five:

Install Finishing Material for the Surround

A great outdoor kitchen requires a strong foundation. Our fiber-glass concrete outdoor cabinet systems allow you to purchase various building blocks for your outdoor space. With the option of pre-cut appliance openings through Luwa Luxury Products, installation is fast, easy and allows you to install the facing and counter-tops of your choice.

Do it yourself or have our expert LOC Systems team come out for a pre-site inspection and assemble the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.