Baffle Filters vs. Vent-A-Hood

Baffle Filters vs. Vent-A-Hood: Magic Lung ® BLOWER: Which One is Right for You?

Restaurant-grade appliances in the kitchen sounds like a home cook’s dream come true. You can cook faster, clean easier, and entertain better with only a few switches of your kitchen equipment.

In the 1990’s, companies caught on to this and started introducing miniature “baffle” style filters similar to the large baffle filters used in restaurants. These two filters looked the same, but that’s where the similarities stopped.

A Baffle Filter

Many homeowners weren’t aware of the significant differences between the two environments. Shouldn’t all kitchen appliances work the same no matter where they’re located? Not exactly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the core differences.

1. They’re Built for Speed

For baffle filters to work, air has to flow through so fast that the grease inside is essentially ripped off as the air passes through. Low-speed ventilation may remove grease past the filter, but it won’t keep it moving up and out of the ventilation duct.

In restaurants, it’s possible to run the baffle hood at full speed throughout the cooking hours. Few home chefs want to run the vent at such a high power while making simple evening dinners.

2. They’re a Hazard

With so much grease clogging the ventilation