Man Cave Must Haves: What Every Guy Wants and Needs to Unwind at Home

You have the drawings. You’ve mapped out where you want the bar, the couch, and of course, the big screen television. Now, it’s time to make your dream man cave a reality.

As you stock up on your TV, a pool table, and maybe even a bar area with a poker table, keep in mind one thing – the best part about having your own man cave is having ice cold beer within close reach. You need the perfect refrigerator to store all of your favorite beverages and snacks.

Coldish Beer Isn’t Cool

StartFragmentLet’s face it. As vital as a refrigerator is, it’s not the sexiest part of a man cave. Keep it hidden by opting for a good undercounter refrigerator. This is a difficult (yet vital) appliance to buy. You’ll need to decide if you want a wine cooler, beverage center, stand alone refrigerator, ice machine, martini freezer (yes, they make those) or whether any of those options matter to you at all. EndFragment

It’s easy to get misled into believing a mini, cube-shaped refrigerator is suitable for your man cave. It’s not. It’s important to remember, you get what you pay for – especially in a refrigerator. Choose a low cost option and you’ll waste a few hundred dollars on lukewarm beer, meats and cheese snacks.

The Dangers of a Cold Plate

Many undercounter refrigerators use an older type of technology to keep your beer cold. They use a cold plate.

This element works a lot like a broiler but instead of heating things up, it keeps your frosties super cold. The closer you put a bottle or can to the cold plate, the more likely it’ll freeze or explode. This is a recipe for major disappointment when you’re ready to kick your feet up with a cold one.