How to Build the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams

What’s All the Hype All About Outdoor Living Spaces?


Take a look in any interior design magazine or flip on your favorite home decorating channel. You’re sure to see that outdoor living has placed its flag and is here to stay.

Many homeowners have taken notice of this relatively recent trend. Now, more kitchens and living rooms have moved outdoors. Why? What caused this trend to start? Let’s dig in.

The Start of Outdoor Living Spaces Becoming So Popular


Many experts believe the outdoor living spaces trend began in 2008 when the great recession hit. Homeowners didn’t have the money to travel like they used to so they hunkered down and created their own oasis.

The term “staycation” picked up steam around this time too. Instead of booking expensive flights to lavish resorts, people were staying in town. They took time off work to relax in the comfort of their home or at a local resort. Even the people with money to travel felt socially obligated to stay in and make the most of what they had.

All this time staying close to home inspired many homeowners to renovate their houses. One of the first places they looked was the backyard.

Some people bought new outdoor furniture. Others added walkways and accent lighting. Still others again built out an entire outdoor kitchen under a newly covered patio.

As the trend gained momentum (and boy did it gain momentum), television producers took notice. Design shows started to make outdoor living spaces part of their regular broadcasting schedule. Instead of redoing the interior of homes, people started focusing on bringing the inside outdoors.