The Many Ways to Cook Your Favorite Foods

There's More Than One Way to Cook Your Favorite Food

Think back to when life was simple. Cavemen didn’t have jobs. They hunted for a living while the women stayed at home tending to the fire and shelter. As far as we know, cooking began with an open flame and a stick to make a shish kabob.

Just like that, cooking began. But since then, cooking has come a long way.

While you were growing up, you watched your mom peel potatoes. Your dad helped you craft a box of mac and cheese. And who can forget the delicious cookies you and your grandma used to bake together?

Though you were taught several ways to cook your favorite food, one thing is certain – there are multiple ways to get the job done. Some of the ways, you might not have tried before.

Here’s how to master the art of cooking in your kitchen and make your favorite meals irresistible.



Steamed food was probably invented close to the same time sticks were used as shish kabobs. Cavemen used geothermal vents to cook. Then, microwaves took over.


Now, today’s steaming is kicked up a notch. Everything from vegetables to seafood is being steamed in the home kitchen.

Steaming vegetables specifically is a popular choice for home and professional chefs alike. That’s because this method of cooking maintains more of the vitamins and minerals. Plates are left looking vibrantly colorful and the taste can’t be beat.


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