Who is Luwa? The Role of a Unique Distributor

Who is Luwa? How Our Role as a Unique Distributor Benefits You

You’ve just decided to give your backyard a facelift. This will soon be the space where you entertain your guests, have family dinners, and host neighborhood cookouts. But first, you need to find the appliances that’ll make your backyard a cozy place to cook and live.

This and other appliance searches generally are thought of between the buyer, the retailer, and the manufacturer, but there’s another party involved – the distributor.

What is a Distributor?

Many people don’t realize that local distributors play an important role in communicating and marketing to the general public. They’re essential in educating buyers and getting the products ordered and shipped to their final destination in the designated surrounding areas.

In other words, distributors bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers.

Luwa is a distributor. We’re here to help bring more awareness to the markets, faster, about existing options. We’re also here to help provide faster, more efficient response times to the buyer and the retailer. In turn, retailers are better able to serve customers and deliver the appliances needed to bring ideas to life.

This is an important gap to bridge. Both manufacturers and retailers have many moving parts in their businesses to focus on. By having a distributor on board to help ease the logistics and manage the supply chain, they’re able to provide higher levels of service while still delivering the highest quality products to you, the consumer.

Why Luwa is a Unique Distributor

That’s great, but what makes a distributor unique? At LUWA, we have several factors that differentiate us from other distributors.

1. Our Showroom

Many distributors are comfortable working behind the scenes. Not us. At LUWA, we want to interact with the end consumer. We want to build a relationship with the people buying these products so we can help inform and educate consumers on what’s available.