Why Wineries Like Efeste Love Perlick

With the rising demand for more premium wineries and tasting rooms in Washington state also comes the demand for luxurious, premium wine storage options that will preserve your favorite wines and fit your lifestyle.

This is why wineries like Efeste and wine lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest are choosing Perlick wine reserves to store their wines.

Efeste Winery, established in 2005, is a local family-owned winery focused on natively fermented, premium wines from Washington’s best vineyards. This year Efeste opened a new wine bar located in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle which required the best wine storage solution available.

We had the opportunity to talk to Efeste's Director of Marketing, Corey Westerhoff, who told us why Perlick was their top choice for wine storage.

“In our new wine bar, we needed refrigeration that would cool our white wines quickly and keep our red wines at a traditional cellar temperature which our clients often notice. We are constantly opening the doors to serve our wine and the temperature always stays consistent.

We also needed our units to perform quietly which Perlick makes possible with their whisper-quiet compressors,” Westerhoff says.

“Our wine bar brings in many people every day, so we had to have wine units that were sturdy and easy to clean. We can tell Perlick has a commercial heritage because their residential units have been able to withstand our fast-paced and high-volume environment.

A large differentiator from our Perlick wine reserves and other brands is their stainless-steel interiors. They make it easy to wipe down and keep clean even during peak business hours.

We also love that the Perlick shelves are vinyl-coated and sturdy. They fully extend and are incredibly easy to slide all day while still preserving the wine. The shelving configuration also allows us to customize the units to our specific storage needs and maximize our space by storing more bottles within a smaller footprint.